About Karey

Karey is a fashion brand established and based in Florence, Italy, which originated when its founder Karen Nuñez, left her home country, Venezuela, to explore different cultures and pursue her true passion for fashion design. Combining colors and textures has always been her forte, and after registering her label, she was able to bring her vision to life.

Karey's exclusive designs are crafted from high-quality Italian fabrics sourced mostly from Prato, the leading industrial district in Italy and a hub for world-renowned fashion brands. The brand primarily uses organic cotton, linen, bamboo, viscose, and recycled polyester to produce its garments, and its dresses are designed to fit all body shapes.

The name and logo of the brand draw inspiration from the Hawksbill turtle, known as "Carey" in Spanish, while the prints reflect the vibrant colors of the Caribbean and the beauty of nature.