Hawksbill Turtle / Tortuga Carey

Did you know about the Hawksbill Turtle? Our brand, "Karey," derives its name from this endangered species. We have simply swapped the "C" for a "K."

Hawksbill turtles are marine animals that are currently in a critical state of survival worldwide. The illegal trade of hawksbill shells and products is disturbingly prevalent. Their beautiful brown and yellow carapace plates are highly sought after throughout the tropics, where they are used to make tortoiseshell items such as jewellery and ornaments. In recent decades, eastern Asia has become an eager market for tortoiseshell.

Hawksbills are especially susceptible to becoming entangled in gillnets or accidentally captured on fishing hooks. As they need to reach the surface to breathe, many turtles drown once caught. This bycatch poses a significant threat to hawksbill turtles, which is exacerbated as fishing activity expands.

Humans have driven this species to the brink of extinction, capturing them for their meat, which is considered a delicacy, as well as their beautiful shells that are as precious and valuable as ivory or gold. The material derived from the hawksbill turtle, known as "Carey" in Spanish-speaking countries, is used to manufacture decorative utensils, bracelets, bags, accessories, brushes, and more.

In response to these uncontrolled actions, agreements for the protection of flora and fauna worldwide have been put in place, prohibiting the import and export of hawksbill turtle products, as well as their capture and slaughter.

The Hawksbill Turtle is particularly critically endangered, with only about 400 breeding females estimated to be left in the Oriental Pacific Ocean.




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Que bonita iniciativa has tenido para la inspiración y creación de tu marca, y que lamentable que los humanos seamos tan destructores, ojalá que sigas siendo motivo de inspiración para evitar la desaparición de esta hermosa especie 🐢❤️ mucho éxito ✨

Meryeni Hernández

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