October pink

Every October, people around the globe demonstrate their support for those affected by breast cancer. As nearly one in 12 women will develop this disease in their lifetime, early detection is crucial for increasing the likelihood of successful treatment.

In an effort to contribute to breast cancer prevention awareness, we recently launched a campaign featuring a courageous woman who has experienced a relapse after five years. We provided her with a moment of joy by photographing her in our latest designs, and we had a blast doing it!

We believe that providing happiness to those suffering from breast cancer is a simple yet valuable gesture that can make a world of difference.














Photos by Yvelisse Teixeira


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Que maravilloso día pasamos hermana, gracias @karenanr_ @shopkarey por regalarme felicidad, me siento afortunada y con la responsabilidad de ser fuente de inspiración para las mujeres que estén pasando por este proceso de Cáncer de mama… ánimo luchadoras vivan un día a la vez, este tiempo es para reflexionar, conocernos, amarnos… y ten por seguro que el cabello crecerá… todos podemos prevenir tocándonos a tiempo…
Gracias hermana por dedicarnos este espacio…


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